The Sustainable Choice is a consultancy that provides technical advice and training to businessess passionate about embedding sustainability within their business operations. 

The Sustainable Choice Consultancy is based in Cheshire but helps businessess across the UK. Contact thesustainablechoice@gmail.come for any questions or comments. 

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To help individuals and organisations reduce their footprint and implement business practices that are ethical and socially responsible.

OUR approach

We know that no one knows your businsess better than you. This is why we believe that we can best serve you by facilitating you and your staff through workhops and team exercises to encourage a holistic and participatory approach. 

OUR expertise

Sustainable Business Policies

Corporate Social Responsibility

Environmental Management Systems

Sustainable Supply Chains


Employee Engagement

Reporting and Communication 

Sustainable Building Design Guidance

About Maira

Maira is passionate about helping small businesses intgerate sustainability within their organisations.


She was shocked to learn that over 99% of businesses in Europe are SMEs and collectively are responsible for a significant proportion of the world's carbon footprint! This triggered her to conduct research to identify the causes that led to SME's lack of compliance towards environmental measures and the number one reason she found was that SMEs lack access to time and resources to gain knowledge and technical advice to improve their environmental and social performance. Maira started the Sustainable Choice so she could help small and local businesses reduce their environmental and social impact and at the same time, run their business with profit and purpose. 

Maira has a Masters in Environment and Sustainability from University College London and a Post Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business from University of Cambridge. She's been working as a sustainability consultant since 2006 and has worked in the UK, Middle East and Pakistan.